colibrí Carolina ® 125 c.c. EFI
colibrí Avanti ® 125 c.c. EFI
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" Freedom on Two Wheels " 

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colibrí® Essence 

We are a firm specialized in vintage scooters with 21st-century technology.


The hummingbird is strong, robust, vigorous and tireless, of resounding beauty, aerodynamic design and extreme agility, it is the only one able to fly back, stay suspended in the air and resume the flight forward, symbolically remembering the past, knowing the present and cheerfully facing the future.


The flutter of the hummingbird also describes in its movement the pattern of the infinity symbol "∞", again representing that timelessness, yesterday, today and tomorrow linked, continuity, dynamism, freedom and independence.


For all this, the hummingbird has been identified by many cultures as the "guardian of time."


Our scooters want to pick up that spirit that represents the hummingbird, timeless, capable, reliable, attractive, efficient, intelligent, agile scooters, to enjoy every day, freedom of movement, bringing joy and continuous satisfaction to those who drive them.

At colibrí®, we strive to provide the best customer service to achieve total satisfaction.

Be sure to visit us to discover all the news we have prepared.

Drive in style

If you want to move around the city quickly with cool class and in style, a colibrí® scooter is the best option.


Do not stand jams, do not spend time in an endless search for parking or directly having to pay in the Parking, with a colibrí® scooter you will go wherever you want, you arrive, park, and it's done.


Vintage models, with 21st-century technology, a colibrí® scooter, besides being the most attractive scooter, is practical, reliable and very economical:


  • Engines 125 c.c., 4 strokes, EFI, Euro 4. Delphi, known, hard and reliable.


  • Routine maintenance: oil changes, pads, tires, tuning.

  • Spare parts and repairs fully available.


  • Useful and personalized accessories keeping the retro style of the motorcycle.

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