I want to buy some colibrí ® items, How Can I place my order?

You can make the purchase of any colibrí ® item through this website with total security, we have the prestigious online quality seal of "Confianza Online", the leading seal in Spain. A distinctive that show those companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security and confidence when buying and browsing their websites. In order to show off, the company has to comply with the standards included in the rigorous Code of Ethics established by " Confianza OnLine". For more information about the seal, click here. In addition, our company also shows the "Ecommerce Europe Trustmark", which certifies European e-commerces, that respects the highest quality standard in relation to consumers and European framework for consumer complaints. Access the certificate and more information about the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark.

I live in a small town. Could I receive my colibrí ® scooter?

We can send directly to your home and to any town in Spain.The scooter will arrive in such a way that simply by opening the box and removing its packaging you will be able to start enjoying it as it will be fully prepared from our facilities, total set-up, cleaning, etc. Also, for cases of direct reception at home we send a little explanatory on how to start using it. Regarding the validity of your warranty, we only request that the mandatory maintenance established have been performed, so you can go to any workshop to perform them and the Maintenance and Service Registry will be sealed.

Have the colibrí ® scooters any type of warranty?

Our scooters enjoy protection for two years against possible defects in material or manufacturing, with this type of guarantee it is intended to protect you to the maximum in exchange for a small effort on your part, such as ensuring that maintenance reviews are properly observed. Mandatory maintenance indicated in the owner's manual that is delivered together with your scooter and practice proper and responsible use of the vehicle. With the scooter you receive the Maintenance and Service Registration document, where all the Vehicle Warranty conditions are collected and the checks and inspections to be carried out throughout the life / mileage of the vehicle are recorded.

If some colibrí ® scooter model, some color, some accessory, etc., is not available, will they be in stock again?

Yes, in that case, we only ask you to send us an email to informing us properly about the exact product that interests you so that when we have units again we will notify you immediately.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, you can exercise your Right of Withdrawal, the deadline for the exercise of this right is 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product or from the conclusion of the contract if it is a provision of services, without penalties for its exercise; - the refund to the consumer of the total amount of the purchase must be made, that is, the price of the product plus shipping costs; - The exercise of this right may not be subject to any formality, so the consumer may be required to return the product in perfect condition without limiting the use of the product (provided it does not go beyond the mere verification of good condition and its operation). On the other hand, the consumer will have to pay the shipping costs of the return of the goods. You can consult the complete clause on the right of return or withdrawal in our Purchasing Terms & Conditions (link at the bottom of the page), where a standardized form is also made available to users for its exercise.

Should we do some kind of run-in?

That's right, the first kilometers of the life of your colibrí scooter ® are surely the most important, the run-in period of a new motorcycle directly affects the life of the motorcycle, a good run-in will depend on its future behavior, mechanical longevity, reliability, performance and consumption. Run-in will include at least the first 1,000 kilometers and it will be necessary during this period to adequately address the mandatory considerations and maintenance assigned.

Good run-in will mean prolonging the life of the engine and ensuring the best conditions and good performance of the motorcycle.